Front shock absorber Premium
Front shock absorber Premium

Front shock absorber Premium

Price: 64.00€
Brand: KYB
Product Code: 662001
Condition: New
Availability: 14
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As on picture. Price is for one (1). Two needed per vehicle. 

KYB Premium manufactured year 2020

Fitting position: Front axle left and right   Shock absorber type: Oil pressure

 Fits 100A F-II, F10, VF10 N10, VN10 To be 100% sure strut housing outer diameter needs to be around 45 mm. See second picture. 

Reference numbers: 54302M3012 54302M3025 54302M3026 54302M30811 54302M3825 54302M3826 54302M3827 54302M7002 54302M7025 54302M7026 54302M8500 54302M85 54302M8500 54302M8525 54302M8226 54303H7550 54303H7750 54303M3012 54303M3025 54303M3026 54303M30811 54303M3825 54303M3826 54303M3827 54303M7002 54303M7025 54303M7026 54303M8500 54303M8525 56105M3887 56105M7027 56105M8527 56110M3026 56110M3825 56110M3826 56110M7025 56110M7026 56110M8525 56302M3025 56302M3026 56303M3025 56303M3026

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