Brake caliper repair kit pistons+seals

Brake caliper repair kit pistons+seals

Price: 34.50€
Brand: Frenkit
Product Code: FRE-248934
Condition: New
Availability: 3
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For  ONE 48mm caliper

Includes everything on the picture. 

Reference numbers:

1X Piston wheel side 41122H1005

1X Piston body side 41121H1005

2X Seals kit 4112028525

Installation lubricant. 


CHERRY II N10 08.1978-12.1982 

F10 with A14 engine and with 2 pistons per caliper.

SUNNY and SUNNY TRAVELLER 140Y, 150Y HBL310 01.1970-02.1982

CIVIC I SB 1200 SB2 SB1 07.1972-09.1983

CIVIC I SEDAN SF BALLADE 1300L 1300 S 10.1979-12.1984





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